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  1. Naftali Poritz


    I would like to see you make a game similar to gal gun in terms of gameplay. Maybe it can be a parody of Gal Gun, or some other type of game using the same type of game mechanics as gal gun with lots of japanese school girls. Voice acting would be in English.

  2. Hey again! When I said early development, I meant this is the first Forward to the Sky, and I wanted to know if you are considering more Forward In The Sky games, as it would be so good to see these characters again! I finished Forward In The Sky and would really like to play another game with these characters! :D

    • We are not sure if there will be a sequel, but we do want to make more games like this. :)

  3. Hey guys! Just started playing Forward in the Sky and I am already in love with it! :D I understand it is very early in development, but can I ask, if all goes well, are you planning a series of Forward in the Sky games? Thanks! I better finish the game now! Bye! :P

    • Thanks, we are glad you like the game.
      The game is full released and not in early development. We will consider making more games like this if we are going to start making a new game. :)

  4. Temia Eszteri

    I loved Forward to the Sky and its adorable design! Are you working on anything else these days?

    • Thank you! We are always happy to know people like the game.
      We will post a news if we have new things to show. :)

  5. Dear AnimuGame,

    I couldn’t find your e-mail address, so I write it here.
    First of all, I am grateful that you developed a very wonderful game.
    I found this game by chance and registered Steam account for the first time to play a game. I’m playing every day.

    Then I knew about your site, and when I visited it I noticed this image.
    I liked that at first sight and strongly thought I would like to use this image for my profile image of Steam avatar.

    I hope I’m not asking too much, but could you let me get permission to do so?
    If I should, please let me know how I could get it.

    I never use the image in the other place only in Steam.
    I don’t retouch, trim, and add any modification.
    I clarify an origin of source and place the link to the store page of this game.
    And I am careful not to hurt the dignity of the character for an act in the community.

    Sorry for your inconvenience, but would you send an email if you can permit it?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Bored_someone

    Korean patch was successful!
    Next I hope to official support Korean. Therefore leave code.
    I sent a code by e-mail. The sender is a “누군가”.

    • Wow that’s amazing! We received your code and we will make Korean one of the game’s language soon! :)

  7. Bored_someone

    Can I create and distribute a Korean patch?
    Probability of success is small, but I would like try it.

  8. I just bought and finished the game and had a fantastic time. You don’t see many games like this anymore, and it was really well done. I can’t wait to see (and buy) what games you make in the future!

    • This really encourage us on making better games! Thank you very much and we are very happy you like the game!

  9. I had recently downloaded the demo for Forward to the Sky. But I seem to be having a huge lagging problem with it. Is there any way to fix it?

    • Hello. This lagging happened to few players and we don’t know how to fix it. I am sorry.

  10. I just got the game at the Humble Store, and I must report the Linux DRM-free build is broken. You see, Linux has case-sensitive filesystems, so “aaa.txt” and “AaA.txt” are treated as 2 different files. The same goes for directories. As it turns out, the Linux DRM-free build of the game comes with the following two directories:
    · ForwardToTheSky_Data
    · forwardtothesky_data

    And their contents is splitted between the two. Manually moving everything from the lower-case directory to the appropriate place in the upper-case directory enabled me to play the game, but could you please upload a new build to Humble with the correct paths to all the files?

    • Thank you for the report, and I am sorry for the strange issue.
      I checked the file/directory and they seem good ( in correct upper and lower cases. ) Honestly, I am not a liunx user and just tested it on VM. They seem good… I have no idea how this happens.

      Anyway, thank you for the bug-fix note, I’ll keep it here. I hope if someone meet the same bug this can help.

  11. Christian "Oanta" Nakama

    I have a YouTube channel and was wanting to post a playthrough of this game. Would I be able to monetize it? If so, is there anything else you would like me to add in the description other than a link to the game? Thanks!

    • Hello, thank you for the playthrough video, please feel free if you want to monetize it. :)

  12. Hola,
    Great anime game, Congratulations to all the team to include subtitles in Spanish.
    Sometimes big developers forget to include one of the most spoken languages in the world. Español!

    • Thanks, glad you like the game! And credits to Domingo Manuel Ruiz García for translating the game into Spanish! :)

  13. Hello there.
    i LOVED your game, and tho it was a bit short with its 6 Levels, the Story was completly cute *Q*
    Well i’d love to see your next game! and i hope it will use the same Graphic engine, as i really liked the graphic and the Controls of the game were awesomly well made.
    Just one thing, the Crystals were nice to collect but it was almost too easy. Probably next time you can insert something to collect which probably unlocks something special, like artworks in a gallery or so?
    And of course it could be something thats “harder” to collect to a 100% in a level, and also that is not needed to complete the level anyway.

    But despite this one fact it was all-in-all a Genius Game!

    Congratulations on releasing such a good game :)
    10/10 would buy again ^-^

    • Thank you very much, glad to heard that!
      The game is short and we are work on a new game. With the income from Forward to the Sky we now have more budget, hopefully we will bring something more interesting soon to you!

  14. So, I’m having some weird bug that’s causing my camera to go downward and right. Is there any fix for this? Just got it, so settings are original, and I’ve tried restarting.

    • Hello, sorry for the bug.
      There is an known issue some controller can cause this bug when they are plugging on your PC. Could you try unplug your controllers ( if any ) and I hope it works.

  15. Hello!

    Japanese. Don’t understand English
    I am sending the contents in the translation machine
    This game was interesting enough would play to forget the time!
    I Was away not from the screen until the end!
    if the question is,I have bought the works in PLAYISM
    have a question
    if I have bought the works in PLAYISM
    And I wonder whether not be able to get the original soundtrack

  16. I really liked the game. I love this kind of games with some puzzles. I would also ask for DLC :). But well, I shall expect a new game. I hope that she will be in a similar style.

    • Thank you so much, I am glad to hear you like it! We will start a new game after a short break. :)

  17. LiftedMirage

    Please make a sequel? :) The game was fun

  18. Henry Keiser

    I´m Henry a independent reviewer of videogames and I´m starting to make reviews here: (Now we are going to the new web: )
    I heard really good commentaries about it and i want to see it and make a review to see if it´s really that the people say and really want.
    It will be a really good experience for me.
    Thanks for your time and your answer

  19. Hi Wei,
    I’m interested in reviewing your game, please contact me via email for all the details.

    Thank you in advance.

  20. hi animugame team

    I was completely clear Forward to the Sky .

    This game have fused the action and puzzle as portal, was very enjoy.
    Then, the operation is also easy to understand simple.
    Also characters and story and fun have been built while simple.

    But dissatisfaction point there are two
    1.Step back and jump button ends up triggering a continuous even hold down for a little while.
    Very affect bad when this is crossing the small foothold in the jump.

    2.Slightly differences between the actual collision detection of laser.
    I suffered from this phenomenon at the end of stage 5.
    I think when perspective to overcome to be able to just above the.

    I hope I really like this game, so by adding a stage in the DLC

    I so Japanese I’m using a machine translation.
    It is not sorry if confusing representation.

    • Thank you for the comments and thank you for like the game. Not exactly know what you mean but I think I understand. We don’t have a DLC plan for new level, only for OST. But we will keep this in mind in our next game. :)
      コメントをありがとう,大分わかります。 :)

  21. Steam patched the game, it resetted my data? It also says “Demo” during configuration. Any idea why? Also sent a tweet about this. I also redownloaded/installed the game, still says that.

    • I am sorry, fixing it now! Your saves and setting will be back, don’t worry!
      Edit: They are back! Apologize for the hassle.

  22. Hello, we are a Spanish developer and currently have an app for Android related digital entertainment.

    We want to ask if they were so kind to give us a key to Forward to the Sky for PC / Steam platform to perform the analysis and publish it in our application.

    A greeting and thanks for everything.

    JCT 2.5
    Copyright ©2015

  23. I can’t reply to wei but, my stream is :] I just did 2 speedruns xD

  24. Hi i really love Forward to the sky, and i was wondering if i was allowed to make a let’s play for it?

    Keep up the good work ^^

  25. Hello!

    I really enjoy this game a lot. I’ve finished it several times too! I am a speedrunner and am going to be doing speedruns of this game pretty soon on stream. Was wondering if one day you’d like to join me and talk about the game to viewers live on stream?

    • Hello, TsukiBaka.
      I am glad to know you like the game and good to know you are going to do a stream. I don’t speak English well but I’d like to see you play. If you have a link to the stream please feel free to post! Thank you. :D

  26. This game looks amazing! Our company would love to do a review piece on it and a possible “Let’s Play”. I would love to talk with the minds behind this game and write an article about it for our site. Please contact us at any time!
    Looking forward to hearing from your team!
    -The team at

  27. I played through the first level and found it enjoyable. I was wondering if I could do a review of the game and maybe even a lets play of it for my youtube channel. Let me know what you think about both.

    • Hi Hachen, thank you for contacting us, please feel free to do a review of the game and a lets play of it for your youtube channel. I am glad you like the game, please enjoy it. Thank you.

  28. Hello, we would like to review the game, can you kindly submit a review copy. Thank you and best of luck with the launch.

  29. Hello guys,

    could you provide us with a review copy of Forward to the Sky for our website

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,


  30. Hi,
    I am a composer for orchestras, films, and video games. After playing Forward to the Sky, I was very impressed by the quality of the game and am wondering if there could be any future cooperation opportunities in terms of soundtracks with AnimuGame. I am a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada and have studied with the overseas music studio behind Final Fantasy.

    Otherwise, my arts company’s website is for more info and samples of previous soundtracks I did. Let me know what you think!

  31. Hello,
    I’m an up-and-coming Twitch streamer and I’d love to play Forward to The Sky on my channel. Is there any way to get a review key for the game?
    Thank you.

    • Hello, thank you for contacting us. I’d like to give you a key. But there are many fake streamers trying to cheat key. Is there anyway I can verify you? Thank you.

  32. Hi guys.

    Are you located in mainland China ?

    Do you guys use twitter or weibo ? I’d like to follow your work


  33. Hi Wei!

    I am editor responsible for reviews. I would like to get a code. Is it possible? I think it’s would be great to review your latest game ;)

  34. Congratulations with Steam launch, and good luck!

    Please release on indiegamestand!


    • Hello! Thank you, I remember you, haha. And thank you for emailing me, I will get back to you soon.
      A bit busy now, and I don’t want to mess up your email! ;)

  35. GameKiller346

    Hello !
    I’m a You Tube gamer who makes professional gameplays of pc games, capturing their best moments. I just found about this game on Steam and I would love the opportunity to record some footage of it if you guys are willing to send me a Steam key.
    Link to my You Tube Channel:
    Please feel free to contact me if you guys are interested in this. Thank you and all the best. :)

    • Hey! Thank you for getting in contact with us. You’ve got an awesome channel and we’d be happy for you to make a video. We’ll send you a mail on release! :D

  36. Dimi Gronnings

    Hey, Wei

    Niche Gamer is interested in reviewing this game. Would you be able to provide us with a review copy via Steam? Feel free to send me an email.

    Dimi Gronnings
    Managing Editor, Niche Gamer

    • Sure, I’ll send you via email. Please consider curator it if the game is good. XD
      p.s. You got a nice website!

  37. Hi, this is looking really amazing! Will it be possible to purchase a physical copy of the game?

  38. Hi
    This is Larrisa from FUZEGame.
    We’re a chinese company and we’re making a console planed to luanch on Jun’15.
    We hope we can cooperate with you by porting your game into our platform.
    Please contact us.

  39. I’ll start out by saying this game looks incredible! I am a graphic designer/web developer and this is definitely my kind of style. I would love to give a hand with the UI aspects and the web development. If you need a hand, maybe you could send me an email. Either way good luck!

    • We are not really looking for a UI artist since the game is almost done. But, still, thank you for the words! :3

  40. Hi!

    I just read a great writeup about this on HardcoreGamer, and also gave you a Thumbs Up on Greenlight as well. Are you guys in need of any 3D Artists and/or Animators? Just a spare guy to help out with the workload? I’d love to be part of a project like this, though I’m a fulltime artist on another game project at the moment.

    If you are interested, please fire me an email! I really, really love the looks of this one and seriously would love to help out in some way! And I like to think I’m a pretty good character modeler and animator, if I do say so myself ;) Again, fire me an email and we can talk about that.

    Regardless, it looks fantastic! I wish you guys luck, can’t wait to see more, and will DEFINITELY be keeping an eye on this one! ( ^ o ^ ) /

  41. Hi!

    This looks interesting, can you advise on the system requirements at this stage?


    • Thank you. But I am sorry we can’t determine the spec right now. However, unless your computer was bought 5 years ago or you are running on laptop, you should be able to play it! If not we’ll be glad to refund. :D

  42. Hello!

    I was wondering if you will be considering voice-over work for the game? If so, I would greatly appreciate being considered for an opportunity to audition. If not, I completely understand! The game looks wonderful, and I would love to be able to contribute in some way – should you be interested. Thank you for reading this comment, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Best wishes!

    • Hello, thank you for contacting! I’ve sent you an email please check you mailbox. Thanks :D

  43. Hi, I really like the work you have done so far and I can´t wait anymore to try out the game!Congratulations on your work and also to everyone that is collaborating with you on the making of this game.

    I hope we can keep in contact, and I know maybe I can´t do much but I would be glad to help you in any way possible!

    • Hey thanks! I wish we can deliver this soon to everyone as well! XD
      We are now running an indiegogo campaign, you could support us and help us spread out the words if you like the game! Thank you (*゚∇゚)!

  44. Hey there, I loving how this game is looking or rather coming along. I have absolutely no clue how I missed this one but I’m glad I was looking around and I came across it :3

    Also I wanted to ask you sorta business question, like a future collaboration question. Do you think when you’re free you could drop me an email so we can talk things out there

    btw Good luck with the game, I hope it comes to Wii U ;)

    • Thank you for reaching out me.
      I’ve sent you the email, also feel free to ask any question here!

  45. Hi Wei!
    I love your work on Forward to the Sky, I am a Perth, Western Australia based Programmer / Games Designer with a few international titles under my belt.

    I’d be interested in contributing this project. If you are interested, feel free to contact me on my email.


    • Hi Michelle.
      Since we’ve done almost all the coding works, we are not able to bring you into the project this time. But I’ve sent you an email with my appreciate, please check it. Thanks!

  46. We are starting a weekly games podcast. Would you guys be interested in doing a 30 second “elevator pitch” for Forward to the Sky for one of the upcoming episodes? You can send a recording or text and we’ll read it at the start of one of the episodes. We also keep links to release dates, milestones, and crowdfunding on the calendar on the site.

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