Forward to the Sky indiegogo campaign launches!

Forward to the Sky indiegogo campaign launches, link to the campaign page!

Please support us and spread the message if you like this game, just one click and share!  Show the page to your friends, they might be interest in it.

The latest trailer video explains the game better than a thousand words! There are not only combat and fighting in the game, puzzle solving and action gameplay takes even bigger parts!

Regarding the funding, we are not trying to make money from it. The one and only goal is to make this game better! You get this game at a better price and we make it better quality, can’t be happier!

The pre-order perk is affordable for most people, if you want the game, please do it now! There are also limited perks at specail price, get it early if you like it!


These are only part of the game of the current 2 stages.  There are 4 more stages,  more are going to show up in the game!

The campaign is going to run for only 3 weeks. I can’t mentally afford to make it any longer because I got a day job, its going to cause a big problem. 3 weeks is the maximum and I hope it will be success!

Please support this game and thank you!

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  1. Ill send the link to my friends!

    • Thanks a lot! and for your contribute! You really don’t need to do this, you can just get the $15 special perk. But thank you anyway.
      btw, I’ve sent you a mail personally earlier, not sure if you got it?

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