Suggest a bgm fit the game, and we draw you a picture!

We got lots of comments on IndieDB from our previous gameplay post.

Thank you for so many feedbacks, that was a lot!

We have been working hard on the music since then, and we think it might be a good idea to ask you involve with us: find out the music style fits this game together!

It is easy, just a link to Youtube video, SoundCloud or anything else! And the music don’t have to be your work. You might want to also ask your friends how they think, that also helps us spread the message : )

Just before you have some music in your mind, a brief reading what we would like to present in Forward to the Sky:

Princess v4

The game is not heavy emotion nor stress, instead, we want to bring out an easy pace adventure.
Just look into the art style, things are light, even the skeleton looks silly in some way ( well, all the aspects I think, ha ha ).
So, light, adventure, joyful in a good tempo ( probably a little bit fast jumpy )

This is not something like a contest, BUT in case you guys bring some music that really fits, or if so many of you involved in this development, we are going to make you a picture “Princess enjoying music” with appreciate!

READY? Let’s balloon up!

p.s. You may as well leave your comment here, or this post on IndieDB, as you wish.

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  1. XD! Yay! 1366 by 768. I will be glad to help!

  2. called corridors of time from one of my favorite games chrono trigger. I can give ya some insight to that specific area of the game as well and why i think its style would fit if youd like :D

    • also this song from bomberman. closer to the jumpier style! I listen to alot of gaming music lol so I could make suggestions all day! A few of my friends and I sometimes have random events where we link each other to music we like XD

    • Corridors of Time is a little bit slow, but I like the instruments it used, very light and peaceful.
      Chris is working on the bgm right now, gonna show it to you soon :)
      And, since you are the first one leaving music example on our website, gonna send you the wallpaper as well. ( We will first send everyone who help us on this, and public it later. )

    • Ah, almost forgot, let me know your screen resolution!
      p.s. If we need more examples, gonna need you help again! XD

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