Forward to the Sky – Gameplay Concept 4 / 4, Light

Final week of funding campaign! We were covered by Indiestatik luckily, and boosted our fund to 38% by everyone’s supporting. Thank you!

This is the last gameplay concept video during the campaign, concept of light. The concept of this level is illusive: can’t see but existed, can see but can’t go through.

Beyond the concepts shown in videos during the campaign, there are more amazing thing in the sky tower. This game, Forward to the Sky, we didn’t want it to repeat the gameplay already existed by most of games. Instead, we want something different. Maybe not much, but it has to be able to express a special gaming experience to you. We hope you will like it!

Forward to the Sky – Gameplay Demo 2 / 4, Windmill Puzzle

It has been a week since we launched the indiegogo funding campaign, we are now at 29% of our goal, a bit far from 100%.

(*゚∇゚) So I am going to update more videos to make you want to play it!

Here’s the 2nd video showing the interactive design of the puzzle. There are some concept in the game that you need to solve/think it in 3D way!

We are also looking to honest / direct feedback, we really treasure this kind of words because it probably helps us the most. So please feel free to speak out your thought, 2 more videos are coming!

Forward to the Sky – Gameplay Demo 1 / 4, Puzzle Tower

It is actually very fun running an indiegogo funding campaign. Got many very good feedback and people suggesting that they don’t see the feature of the game. I must say I agree! As long as we are going to make a fun game, we should at least bring the fun part of the game to you!

I was worried about showing too much of the game that will spoils you, but no worried anymore. Since I am showing it, I must add more fun to the game, so……

σ`∀´)σ  Get ready if I make this game too much fun!

⊂彡☆))д`)σ You stop showing off!

Ha ha, anyway, we are going to update 4 videos showing gameplay and concepts during the funding campaign! Starts from the simplest gameplay demo and ends up at the most fun concept! Be sure to track up!

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