In game dialogue demo!

Last thing! The game is almost done!

We’ve been working on the in-game dialogue system after greenlit, and now it is almost done! The voice actors are Kimberley for the Princess and Ayu for the Witch. They have very good voice and are acting very well!

Have a look at the demo:

It also took us much time to adjust the text length and position since the game will supports English, Chinese and Japanese in text. We are happy to be able to support that much languages.

Now, we are expecting to release Forward to the Sky late this month! Please look forward to it!

Greenlight experience

First of all, Forward to the Sky got greenlit! Great!

It’s an amazing ( and tiring ! ) 10 days experience. Before we start, here’s a brief of what we’ve done before the greenlight.

The game development began at Sep.2013 and have been continuing updating the progress mainly on our website and IndieDB. We made a prototype of the game and a Indiegogo campaign at May.2014 but didn’t succeed. However, we learned a lot from the campaign. ( Mostly how to contact the press! ) We continue the development and decided to bring it on Greenlight when it is nearly complete.

And our greenlight started.

Oct 22, our greenlight campaign was launched in the night. There were an initial wave of people coming from the greenlight landing page, which was quite good. We had a good night, and the next day was also enjoyable. The votes were good and we started to sent out a list of mails to the press. The sending process was fast, due to our press list collection from the indiegogo campaign. We were soon covered by some websites and the votes started to grow. Another good day!

But the votes didn’t elapsed longer, and we were only at 20% toward the top #100.


Oct 24, only 2 days after the launch, the trending of votes were starting to drop. We knew we had to do something, but that “something” just not yet hit our mind. What we did was searching for more gaming website, sent out mails and hoping those who hadn’t covered us would wrote a piece of our game this time. It’s worked a little bit, we did got some more nice articles ( another enjoyable moments! ) but the votes didn’t go any better, was still dropping!

No! It shouldn’t be like this!

Suddenly, we had a thought. If we are making the game based in anime theme, why not show it to the anime groups on Steam? They might be interested in it! We soon reached out the anime groups’ admins and see if they like the idea. It turned out we were lucky, our greenlight page was able to be posted in some of the anime groups. The supports from the anime groups were more than great. From Oct 25 to Oct 28, we received at least 500 votes from the anime community.

We were at somewhere around 60% toward the top #100 on Oct 28. And it’s start to drop again.

Oct 29, one day before we got greenlit, the vote was not growing. It was depressing. I had a talk with a Chinese gamer sites community admin ( pretty much like a Steam group admin. ) He told us he would like to support the game. “I would like to see more Chinese made or anime theme games on Steam, there weren’t much.” he said. Okay, that makes me felt better, but to be honest, I didn’t expect such a great support from the Chinese community at the began. I thought Chinese people on Steam were to look for games in Western style.

It was one hours after we had a talk, I went out to wake up my mind. And when I back, something amazing was happening. The votes and the comments were boosting like crazy! It hard to express the feeling, it’s just amazing!

And the next day I wake up, 73% toward the top #100. One hour after I was working in the office. Greenlit!

There were about 20 games got greenlit on Oct 31. And our game were one of it. We didn’t reached the top #100, so there are certainly some games in top #100 ( or even top %20 ) not greenlit. We have no idea how Steam deal with the greenlight things, but we are happy Forward to the Sky were one of the greenlit game .

I decide to share the experience and help people who are on their way. Making a game is hard, trying to promote your game and getting noticed can be harder. Don’t give up, do and try anything you can. Help yourself, and others will help you!

Of course, we won’t have been greenlit without the community’s support. A special thanks to  Harlequin for English translating, Sinical and Meeko helps to spread the word in anime groups, Jeffery help to post on the Chinese community. ( And the authors of ShanGui actually helped us understand the Steam paper works! Thank you! ) I am sure there are a lot more of you helping without saying, thank you!

I hope this article helps, and if you feel like asking, feel free to ask. :)


It has been a very long journey and we are finally at this step! Greenlight!

Just got this widget, ha ha, what a memorial moment. And let’s get Forward to the Sky greenlit!

And the trailer!

At this point, we’ve finished polishing the detail of the first 5 stages. The BOSS stage is going to be the last stage to be polished. After everything is in place, I am looking forward to design some dialogue and see how it works in the game!

But, let’s just celebrate the launch of Forward to the Sky Greenlight campaign. A big step forward!

( ̄﹁ ̄)/ VOTE YES!

Forward to the Sky development evolution

It has been an year since this game development started. Thank everyone for following the development and sharing your thoughts. It encourages us a lot! And yeah, finally, the game is going to be finished in a few months!

During the year, the game design has been modified many times for different reasons. The two greatest changes were gameplay and stage design.

When we started the game, the initial goal was to make a game which you act as Princess, punch through monsters in the sky tower and earn crystals to explore skills. A game focused more on fighting with different skills. However, as the development continued, we noticed there were a lack of something and it will not be fun enough if we focused this game on the fighting part. We tried different things, failed many times and eventually we found action and scene interaction ( puzzles and mechanisms) actually made this game better.

Since the gameplay changed, we have to changed the stage design to fit the gameplay as well. In the very began, we were going to build 24 stages with each taking 5 minutes to be finished. Stages were going to be small so you can quickly pass through each and play with new skills. But after the gameplay has changed, the origin design didn’t work anymore. We spent some time collecting similar thing into one stage and only kept the fun design. In the end, we have bigger stages containing more mechanisms and longer play time.

Of course, the art has been improving as well. Just look at the following images, what a revolution!

Now, we are finally near done. The next step will be launching a greenlight campaign ( hopefully Steam don’t kill the greenlight yet before our launch! ) and continue to polish the game at the same time.