Beta gameplay demonstration

We are able to bring out the gameplay, finally!

It has been a while since the development starts. Some of you might have been wondering how the actual game play it is. This video should give you a better idea to fighting and trap-interacting.

Everything in the video is beta state, the art, the bgm, and the level design. We are working on it, and also looking for more talent scene artists to polish the look.

Now, forget about the video, and look at these amazing in game screenshots.

They are took by Landgris, the level designer of the game. These images look so good, even better than the game itself, I wonder how he did it. ( ̄﹁ ̄)a





Any thoughts?

We are looking for feedback, if you got some, just speak out.

Don’t be afraid, we are also a gamer as you are, and your words are not going to harm us. Don’t worry, we are strong, ha ha.

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  1. looks really fun! hope to see more posts :D

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