Forward to the Sky – Gameplay Concept 4 / 4, Light

Final week of funding campaign! We were covered by Indiestatik luckily, and boosted our fund to 38% by everyone’s supporting. Thank you!

This is the last gameplay concept video during the campaign, concept of light. The concept of this level is illusive: can’t see but existed, can see but can’t go through.

Beyond the concepts shown in videos during the campaign, there are more amazing thing in the sky tower. This game, Forward to the Sky, we didn’t want it to repeat the gameplay already existed by most of games. Instead, we want something different. Maybe not much, but it has to be able to express a special gaming experience to you. We hope you will like it!

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  1. Fun looking :O will it be boxes or like a mirror / lens?

    • It’ll be more like a small crystal machine, the things in the video are just concept. ;p

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