Forward to the Sky – Gameplay Demo 1 / 4, Puzzle Tower

It is actually very fun running an indiegogo funding campaign. Got many very good feedback and people suggesting that they don’t see the feature of the game. I must say I agree! As long as we are going to make a fun game, we should at least bring the fun part of the game to you!

I was worried about showing too much of the game that will spoils you, but no worried anymore. Since I am showing it, I must add more fun to the game, so……

σ`∀´)σ  Get ready if I make this game too much fun!

⊂彡☆))д`)σ You stop showing off!

Ha ha, anyway, we are going to update 4 videos showing gameplay and concepts during the funding campaign! Starts from the simplest gameplay demo and ends up at the most fun concept! Be sure to track up!

And a little game event!

If you don’t get interested by the video, leave a “boring, more!” in the comment. Or why it doesn’t make you feel fun. But if you think it is fun, please leave a “backed! Do it now!” message. ( You don’t actually need to backed if you can’t, but leave the message to make me happy XD )

Feel free to say anything here. It is actually very fun playing this event!

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