Forward to the Sky – Gameplay Demo 2 / 4, Windmill Puzzle

It has been a week since we launched the indiegogo funding campaign, we are now at 29% of our goal, a bit far from 100%.

(*゚∇゚) So I am going to update more videos to make you want to play it!

Here’s the 2nd video showing the interactive design of the puzzle. There are some concept in the game that you need to solve/think it in 3D way!

We are also looking to honest / direct feedback, we really treasure this kind of words because it probably helps us the most. So please feel free to speak out your thought, 2 more videos are coming!

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  1. I think slightly different hit stun animations would help. To convey how much it hurts related to damage.

    • I think you are right, maybe we should fix it in the future. Different stun timing for slight/heavy damage.
      Thank you for the idea!

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