Gameplay demo part II and animations

New Princess action animations, together with a new gameplay demo video!

Apupu has done great job on animation, many actions are added. Princess had no action when driving balloon before, but now, she got a exciting look.


Another new action, push, push!

This action has been implementing for a while, and was done recently. We want to add it to improve the game play, however, not the tradition box pushing game design ( Sokoban? ). There are already a lot of them, instead, we want to design it as a medium to solve puzzles.


And the combo skill!

A game design changed in this month. The skill, you are not going to learn it anymore, all of them can be used starting from the first stage.

Not only that, we’ve also added different attack/behavior to the skeletons. Now skeleton can interrupt Princess action, so she got to have more combos and fight the skeleton!
We are also trying to add certain strategy to the combo attack, to lower the effect that Princess will be able to hit 5 combos at begin ( which make her too strong ).



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  1. I really loved the music, and watching the video makes me want to play the game even more! I hope you release an OST after the release of the game.

    • We’ll do release the OST, maybe the collection book as well. And most important, the game, gonna work hard to release it as soon as we can!!!!

  2. Nice update! It is cool to see the platforms move to the side the way they did. Like the music to!

    • Good to hear that you like the music, Chris has put a lots effort on it. And yes, it is very cool to see big things moving, epic! ( Well, not THAT epic, but still cool XD )

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