GUI and Early scene view

I’ve been working on the GUI recently.

And the process is frustrating … the gui design kept changed for so many reasons, but mostly because they don’t look good, or just don’t fit into the scene.

This picture shows the version updates, top down, earliest to the latest ( which we decide to use for the game for now )


I personally really like the paper-cut style princess with sword, but it just hard to represent the remaining hp. So we abandon it, sad to me.

The first idea of the GUI ↓


And this is the one I like the most ↓


Finally, what we have now, simple, but good ( I hope ) ↓


Besides the GUI, pictures above show also view of stage. There are more than 4 kinds trap or mechanism in the view, absolutely fun!

How you think about the scene? Does it look an alpha state ( 50% done ) to you, or do you think it is complete but can be better ( 70~80% done ), or complete enough ( 100% done )?
What’s your opinion?

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