GUI, pop spear and music sample

While we are working on the music, we’ve done some significant change to the GUI also.

We re-design it because the old GUI don’t provide information in a good way: the crystal don’t play a big part in game but it is equal size as others, the fresco pieces are hard to said which of them has been collected.
And the main reason, yeah, the new one looks far better xD

Here’s the design proces: Nori ( the artist we worked together, she said she don’t like doing the GUI, but she did it perfectly…… Tsunderem, maybe? ) first drew something based on a screenshot, and try something different based on it.

We think the draft is good, and Nori turned it into detailed with deep explanation, in case they are not placed properly in the game.
That’s the new GUI design.

And, the video! It shows something more than the GUI:
The pop spear trap, but it actually changed a little bit ( the mechanism )
And, part of the music Chris worked on ( I like this melody, how do you think? )


We are going to keep working on the music, and the GUI Home menu design. For the GUI, Not yet made our decision, but already got something very detailed from Nori, that image should illustrate the idea ( ̄﹁ ̄)v

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