Indiegogo campaign experience

Last week, Forward to the Sky indiegogo campaign ended. It was a good experience and we learn a lot from the campaign.

We were too rash to launch the funding campaign and didn’t talk our game well, results in giving wrong first impression and only a few of people knows it. We posted and spreaded the campaign message as much as we can, sent out the emails, tried to get covered by more gaming website. Some of the efforts do worked, but most didn’t. The game ifself, looked like the gameplay and the level art weren’t ready. Although we know it’s still in progress, we express the wrong message to made people thought that was how the game going to be like in the end.

We thought the biggest problem was, the game was too early to get fund and it’s lack of marketing/promotion. The solution for first one is obvious, we are going to continue to make the game better and better. But the second, marketing and promotion, are really something hard and somethings we need to push harder.

Next, let’s see the information we collect from the campaign.


Discarding the first 2 days, every impulse was happened due to being covered by major gaming website or social media, to be more specific, twitter.




We are a team based in Taiwan and focusing English market. So the top 2 didn’t surprised us. But, hey, if you are from Germany or any country from Europe please leave a message and let we know where you found us! We are very surprised! We’d be happy to know you! iggCountry



1st place, ( is the subdomain of it ), contributed up to $350. is the biggest gaming website in Taiwan. It has very nice community and system collecting everything about anime/comic/game into their website. We were lucky enough to be covered.

Twitter, really shocked me. Twitter is not even near popular in Taiwan. We know its a nice media but didn’t expect it to be like this! After covered by Indiestatik, another lucky moment, the campaign got noticed on twitter and really help the campaign a lot.

No idea where the Other( email, direct, etc ) came from. Someone is helping us secretly, were you one of them? ( ̄﹁ ̄)@m




Again, at first ( 3. + 5. is the subdomain of it ), for one single post. Reddit, definately another good community to talk about your game. And of course, don’t forget Twitter ( 4. )!

But I am curious if there were so many people linking to the campaign page from this website. I didn’t notice many of you were following our website, if that’s true, I am so happy and please feel free to say anything I’d be glad to chat!



Finally, we are very happy to know there are still some people like the game, and we are will continue working on the game. We hope to deliver the game to you soon, in a good way. :)

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  1. Oh I was the only one from austria :D, I really liked the art style and the idea was nice too, i hope you are finishing the game or make another campaign, if you are able to do, do it with kickstarter! :D

    • Thank you for supporting, I find it very interesting seeing people from all over the world! XD
      We’ll continue work on the game and consider Kickstarter next time, if available. :D

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