Princess, character design by CONE

CONE, the character designer, has design a cute series of character.

With all these character we should be able to build a fantastic RPG, well, maybe we’ll try that someday.

Anyway, the only character in “Forward to the Sky” is the Princess, let’s have a look!


The first version concept design, she was able to use her cloth to carry 2 more swords…

Well, who are you? ( laugh


Princess v1


Huh huh, sorry about that.

The second version, white dress plus a big bow and the back skin, very cute! The design is pretty close to the final design, but the sword is much more classic.


Princess v2


Extension with some coloring try out, and styling her sword.Princess v2 ex

Version 3, modified the armor a little big, and the shoes. But CONE said he love ver 2 better.

So, one more revision, finally, Princess is here!

Princess v4

Princess is the first character, and has been with us for a long time, probably more than 2 years, a memorable girl to CONE, Apupu and me. And she is going to lead us to the sky this time, she is going to do well, we believe.

There are more  charming characters designed by CONE ( 2 of them are already modeled by Apupu, on Unity Asset Store )  we’ll probably show more detail some other day.



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