Process of level design

Another hot summer month. We are getting closer to the end of finishing our game. While working on the final stage and the art detail, levels done previously were also being reviewed and fixed.

In the beginning of designing a level, we often got many ideas of fun things. Some of the most interesting elements were picked to form up the concept of each level. And after we have the fun elements, it’s time to start working on it. The development phrase, which took us the most of the time. If we were lucky, we can have all the elements merge into one level at once and got one super fun level, however, no luck usually.

Many ideas were thrown away in this phrase.

There are some elements we thought they would be super crazy fun at first. But as soon as it came to implementation, there were no clue how it should be worked in the game. That’s not too bad since we hadn’t invest too much time into it. What normally happened was like “Wow, that’s a cool idea! Let’s do it!” and started it. As expectation raised while we were working on it, seeing it getting closer and closer to the finish, we have “It going to be something really amazing, I know it!” in our mind until it is done. But them, many times it turned out to be another thing thrown into the trash can……It just not that fun as our imagination.

So, repeat the process: pick an interesting idea, do, screw up, pick another interesting idea, screw up again…… And those elements remained fun built up the prototype of the level. What a tiring process, finally……Hey, wait! Not yet done! It’s time to ask for test playing.

Watching people play your game is the best way to drive up motivation. It also fulfills our satisfaction. More than that, it is important to see their reaction in the game: not knowing what to do, been wondering around in the same place or even getting annoyed by a thing. All these you have to keep in mind and make another more changes after the test playing.   TowerField   

Image: First version of grass land.


Image: New version of grass land. Still working on it. 

So, again, again, once again and another more fixes. Do, fix, do, fix and fix…… 5 levels, we’ve finished 5! Next, we are going to finish the final level and put art details to each level. Some grass, different mood of sky, and of course BGM and story. And speaking to the story, there’s a chance we should develop some text for it. The art itself doesn’t seem enough for telling a good story and we can barely do more arts.   

But, anyway, the game is really going well and we are looking forward to see how it turns out in the end!

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  1. I wanna test play!

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