Fantasy Versus


Fantasy Versus focuses on quick paced 4 vs.4 multiplayer player versus player battles.
Use the 13 solo campaign stages to become familiar with the characters and then team up with your friends or other online players and fight towards victory in Versus!



  • Play as a farmer and fight against witchcraft
  • Become a hunter and trap your enemies.
  • Hold your spear high and charge towards victory.
  • Tame a magical bird and have it fight the enemy together with you.
  • Move like an Elf in and out of crowds of enemies with ease.
  • Hide in the dark and attack without being seen.
  • Heal your allies or cause confusion among your enemies.

13 unique fantasy characters and even more items are waiting for you.
Chose your character and his items to find your own play style.

Your epic battle starts now!



Wei, Project lead and programming.

Yapu, Character modeling, animation.

LyN, Character and concept art.

CONE, GUI art.

ZANIOR, GUI icon art.

Paul Nyubor, BGM design.

Linghsuan Chen, Sound design.

Kay, 3D Scene artist.

Atelier Ymir, Background 2D CG.

Tatsuto, English  translation and German translation.

MiCHi, Japanese translation.

Sang Hong, Korean translation.

Vik, Russian translation.

Anthony CHARRAULT, French translation.



  1. Hello!
    I think its a wonderful game but… i have a problem, when i start the game it works fine and all but when i start the first singelplayer mission it doesnt let me move…
    Plz, if anyone can help me i would apreciate it
    Thx for your time

    • Please check if you have any input method actived and that could possibly interupt your input.

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