Forward to the Sky



Once upon a time, there was a great tower in the sky. People were mining crystal with delight during the prosperous days. Until that disaster happened…… Time past, the history had been forgotten. And now, it emerged from the clouds again – the sky tower.

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Reveal the story of the sky tower.

Forward to the Sky is a third person action adventure game in the sky tower ruin. You are going to collect all the crystal pieces to connect the story and everything will be revealed once Princess reaches the top level.



Puzzle platforming, a game features a mixture of puzzles, action and adventure. Relaxing mood, bright art, adventurous but peaceful music, simple control and combat. A game everyone are able to finish and provides additional fun of difficulty to hardcore players.

There are 6 unique levels to be explored. Battle the elements, run through the traps and play with interactive mechanisms to solve the puzzles. Find your path to discover the story in the sky!


Wei, Project lead and programming.

Yapu, Character modeling, animation and particle effects.

CONE, Character design and story CG.

Chris Kukla, Sound design.

Kay, 3D Scene artist.

Nori, GUI design, logo design and background CG.

Randgris, Game design.

Ted, 3D scene artist.

Jog, Particle effects.

EOWS, 3D Scene concept.

Bao Chen, Makes opening BGM.

Kimberley, Princess voice acting.

Ayu, Witch voice acting.

Playism, English translation and Japanese translation.

Sarah, English translation.

Domingo Manuel Ruiz García, Spanish translation.

Marcel Weyers, German translation.

누군가, Korean translation.

Harlequin, English supporting.

Catword, Trailer produce.




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